Human Path

On this page you will find materials from various sources that have been pieced together for use in projects undertaken by the pioneers at The Human Path.  In the spirit of the Path, which is about being “ready” under any circumstances, some of the resources below have simply been taken from or linked to information on the internet in order to provide a quick thematic vocabulary reference and are in formats that do not allow for revision.  So, if you see typographical, grammatical or actual informational  errors, please take them with a grain of salt, report them to your instructor for extra credit and keep studying!

Ecology vocabulary/resources

términos básicos de ecología

bilingual glossary of fruits, herbs and vegetables

“edible weeds” INTA, Argentina

Plant resources

Huerto Medicinal VOCABULARY in order of appearance
VOCABULARIO bilingüe-plantas

Medical/clinical resources

Some basic medical vocabulary

Trip specific resources

Common Health Problems and Likely Sources in
Some of the Most Common Health Problems and Likely Sources in the Rivas


Escenario médico.clinica Rivas