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Cardinal numbers in Spanish

The alphabet in Spanish

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Click for a wealth of information and practice created by Fred F. Jehle,.Professor Emeritus of Spanish, Dept. of International Language and Culture Studies, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Thanks to him for the excellent online materials!

English is full of cognates that are the same root word in Spanish.  These function like loanwords in that they also exist as the same word and same meaning in Spanish.  There are fewer than 200 whose meaning in Spanish is not the same as in English, although the root word is the same.  They are called “false cognates.”  You can be sure that the majority of the thousands of Latin words you already know are most likely the same word in Spanish, not to mention the Greek or Arabic words shared by both languages.  Below are links to both true and false cognates, as well as to some key grammatical issues in Spanish.

great list and explanation of cognates

a  list and explanation of cognates

some false cognates in English

subjunctive mood in Spanish

command tense in Spanish

the preterit tense in Spanish

diphthongs in Spanish (in Spanish  🙂

Some online dictionaries/conjugators/vocabulary resources
wordreference online dictionary-conjugator-forum

verb conjugation online

another verb conjugation tool online

yet another conjugator online

vocabulary and exercises online

Medical vocabulary/resources

hablemos de salud

YouTube Español médico

biblioteca digital de la medicina

some basic vocabulary from Kenyon U 

medical information site in Spanish (

Ecology vocabulary/resources

bilingual glossary of fruits, herbs and vegetables

“edible weeds” INTA, Argentina (blog, in Spanish, of over 300 edible wild plants)

plantas por nombre