Class five-Clase cinco

Class 5 Assignments and Extras

Core Assignment

Oral (Oral)


Written (Escrito)

FSI Workbook I
FSI Workbook II

Reading (Lectura)

DLI Cumulative Grammar Notes


Unit 4
Unidad cuatro
(La Srta. Smith conoce a José Molina en El Colegio Americano.  La Srta Smith llega al colegio en taxi y paga al chofer.)

Number in nouns and adjectives/Número en sustantivos y adjetivos

The irregular verb “estar”
Workbook one
Cuaderno uno                

Ejercicio 6 (A y B) 
páginas 9-10

Ejercicio 7 (A-C)
páginas 12-13
Lesson two
Lección dos

páginas 14-15                     

Adjectives/Los adjetivos ser estar use table 
Chapter seventeen
Capítulo diecisiete 

Read pp. 262-275/Lee pp. 262-275                   

Ejercicio A, página 263 (Estar)

Ejercicio B, página 264 (Ser)
Música:  please see the end of each unit for information about each unit’s song selection.
En mi viejo San Juan 3

Column 1 above links to the unit(s) in the Platiquemos program we are working on, and lists the contents of that unit. Column 2 is written homework from the FSI Programmatic workbooks.  Column 3 is reading homework from the DLI Cumulative Grammar Notes.  Each column title is a link to each of these references, and they are all found on the Level 1 Home Page.  Finally, column 4 gives correlated assignments from Repaso, which can be purchased here, or in most book stores.  Answer keys are at the end of  the online written and reading references and Repaso answer key is on the Level 1 Home Page along with the other references.

Weekly Extras:

Unit 4 verbs

Spanish verb basics

Platiquemos Level 1 glossary


ser estar use table